We provide solutions.

Our staff has extensive experience collecting original field data and applying rigorous methodologies to address complex research and management subjects.

PIT Tag Products

West Fork provides quality PIT tag products at an affordable price. We carry products of several manufacturers and can help you determine the components needed to make your project a success.

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PIT Tag Services

The West Fork Environmental team is equipped to meet all PIT tag service needs of our partners. Our staff of experienced biologists developed our diversity of PIT tag services based on our experience using this technology in the field. We understand the full range of services needed to support a successful project using PIT tag technology. While the DIY (do-it-yourself) systems on the market may be effective they require a large investment of time to fully understand how to integrate components and maintain a site, time that may not be available for many programs. We have developed simplified approaches to applying the technology and can provide any level of service our partners require.

Some of Our Services

West Fork Environmental provides experienced field teams to collect and tag salmonids. Our crews are adept at a variety of capture methods and routinely handle listed and sensitive species in remote locations.

We pride ourselves on successfully installing and maintaining PIT tag detection systems in a variety of settings. Our experiences with instream installation have driven us to produce high quality, durable equipment. We can provide an experienced installation crew or supervise and instruct for your crew.

We believe that the research question should determine the selection of hardware. We’ll never oversell you a PIT tag system. We’ll help you choose the best components and integrate them for your specific monitoring project. Our solution will provide you with a reliable set of components to ensure consistent data collection.

We use an innovative approach to each project and have the ability to deliver custom solutions on tight timelines. We have developed successful systems in detection environments where high EMI, close proximity to metal infrastructure, tag travel speed, and extreme weather and flow conditions would otherwise limit the use of PIT tag technology.

Environmental Services

West Fork‘s roots are in traditional field biology applied in forested and riverine settings. Many of our environmental services are enhanced by the application of highly complementary PIT tag technology. Our broad background in field biology informs the way we work with you to identify innovative solutions for your research or monitoring project.

Endangered Species

We carry the credentials and experience for determining the presence of endangered species.


Our fisheries services often operate at the intersection between conservation, policy, land use practices and restoration initiatives.


We assist forestland managers in complying with forest practices rules as well as adherence to certifiable standards.

GIS & Mapping

We provide services to manage your spatial data using ESRI software.

Hydrology & Water Quality

We offer comprehensive and practical monitoring services for meeting complex water management goals.

Invasive Species

We are experienced in crafting plans for the suppression and monitoring of invasive species.


We develop research and monitoring strategies to characterize populations and critical habitat.


We are certified in conducting jurisdictional wetland determinations and delineations.

Custom Services & Consulting

We customize our services based on project needs. Contact us to discuss your project.